An anthology of migrant workers’ short stories: Beyond Identity, Expectation and Reality


Stories of migrant workers have been printed out in newspapers and magazine. They also have been reviewed on blogs and television. No wonder the society is fully aware of their stories both good and bad. Actually people have read the information mainly from the journalists’ point of view which captured the migrant workers’ stories in their own way. Whether the stories reveal the true story of the migrant workers life or not is still one big question for all of us, the reader. Therefore, another challenge dealing with migrant workers’ stories comes up when an anthology of migrant workers’ short stories is published.

This article will discuss an anthology of migrant workers’ short stories entitled ‘Kisah Inspirasi TKW Singapura: Dari Hati dan Cintaku’ which is written by the migrant workers who work in Singapore. The writers who have contributed in the anthology are those who are living at Singapore at the moment and also the returnee. They are the member of a virtual community, named BMI Singapura. This community or group is the one which unify and accommodates them to publish their stories.

The anthology is interesting since it offers a different taste of migrant workers’ stories. This new taste, then, will be further discussed in order to find out the identity, expectation and reality of the migrant workers’ life as recognized in the anthology. It will surely expose the other side of migrant workers’ life which is not captured yet by the journalists since the stories are written by the migrant workers themselves. Yet, stories are stories. They are infected by imagination. However, they also show the true virtue of the author, the migrant workers themselves. How do the migrant workers in Singapore deal with themselves and their masters are the focus which will be discussed the most. How do they identify themselves in their new environment is another thing to be considered. Brought by the migrant workers themselves, their stories surely offer another atmosphere of the true feeling revealed in the anthology.

Keywords: expectation, identity, migrant workers, reality

This article has been presented in International Conference on Literature XXII, Yogyakarta, November 2012



Initiating Students’ Interest in Writing by Using Facebook


The rapid changing of technology nowadays surely brings another atmosphere of various benefits for people. Internet as the product of technology then comes to be a medium of learning. Internet provides people a huge number of services which enable people to work or learn easily. Internet based community such as Facebook then can be used as a medium to accommodate students learning English skill better. Learning English skill such as writing is usually boring for students since they have to do assignments again and again in the classroom or take them as homework. Not enough time and clogged ideas make some of them finding it tiresome. However, by using Facebook students can easily write anything, anywhere, and anytime. They also can publish their work right after they wrote. In addition, their writing can be directly commented by their friends since Facebook enables its user to communicate easily. This article reports the finding on how Facebook is used as the tool to motivate students’ interest in writing, in this case creative writing. The finding shows that Facebook can initiate students’ interest in writing. Facebook provides the students some advantages which make their writing time more fun and enjoyable. They can write freely, publish their writing directly, and get responses of their writing from friends.

Keywords: Facebook, initiate, interest, students, writing



Afternoon spirit!


Carpe diem! They say

Carpe diem! they say; Avenged sevenfold screams Seize the day.

Live for today then; Don’t forget yesterday when,

You greet tomorrow.

Forget your sorrow; fill in your burrow

as Weasley and Potter say.

As much as you can throw;

Everything to the empty hollow;

of  your heart, mind and soul.

Just let them fall; to the deepest hall.

Of something we call; all or nothing at all!!!

Gaining Confidence through English


As English is widely known and used in most part of the world, its popularity is significantly increased. This motivates people to learn English based on various reasons. Some are motivated because English facilitates their business while some other, perhaps having different reasons such to improve their personal capability. Since the global era is started, people are more aware to English not only as something which can support their activities but also as a means of self-empowerment. Such phenomenon can be easily found in our daily life. University students, for example, are willing to join an English club wishing that they can master English comprehensively even though they are taking English as their major. It seems that learning English through lectures is not sufficient. That is why students are in a high spirit of following activities such as English club. Meanwhile, some competitions such debate, reading and speech competitions are always having a warm welcome. Those phenomena are certainly worth to have a deep exploration for the result will surely show how worth English is for us. This article will discuss about how English is used as a means of gaining confidence in the process of empowering oneself especially by the students of English major by joining English clubs and competitions.

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